Bishop Bay Hot Spring, British Columbia Canada

During our 21 day trip down the inside passage… making way from Sitka Alaska to Anacortes Washington, we were fortunate enough to get to enjoy 2 wonderful hot springs. The first, Baranof Bay, was covered in the previous blog entry. The second, Bishop Bay in Canada, we will discuss now.

Bishop Bay – Monkey Beach Conservancy, is a nature conservancy in British Columbia, Canada. It is only accessible by floatplane or boat. It features a boat dock and tent platforms, as well as, a hotspring fed bath house.

We entered Bishop Bay, via Verney Passage, after a marvelous whale encounter.

© Nicole Geils

Bishop Bay is also the location of the Monkey Beach Conservancy. The BC Parks website has some good info here.

Mystic Knot Making Way into Bishop Bay

Making our approach into Bishop Bay on a hot and sunny day is a magical feeling.

© Nicole Geils

We secured the Mystic Knot to the free dock, and headed inland to explore and have a soak.

MK Docked at Boshop Bay

The dock and the trails are in very good condition. We were here in mid October (2012) and had the place to ourselves… but I hear it can get very busy in June, July, and August… so plan accordingly if you want a more private soaking experience.

Bishop Bay Trail to Hot Springs

The forrest surrounding the hot spring is very lush and green. I enjoyed a long walk around the area… it is such a peaceful place to stretch your legs after a long days voyage.

© Nicole Geils

Now for the hot spring… here is the pool enclosure overlooking the bay.

Bishop Bay Hot Spring Sunning Deck

The deck of the Hot Spring bath house is a great place to meditate and do yoga after a nice, long soak in the hot springs.

Sitting inside Bishop Bay Hot Spring

Bishop Bay Hot Spring Flair

Bishop Bay Hot Spring House

Bishop Bay Hot Spring Art

Many soakers leave their “stamp” on the bath house… and you can take in all of the flair while you soak. The temperature of the spring is 106 degrees fahrenheit at the source and 101 degrees in the bath house.

The rush of a frigid water plunge is so invigorating after heating up in the spring… so I jumped off the boat.

Bishop Bay Hot Spring Plunge

All in all, our experience at Bishop Bay Hot Spring Bath House was a very pleasant one. I will plan on stopping here on all future trips along the inside passage.

UPDATE: On March 15, 2015 BC Parks carried out repairs to the dock at these hot springs. However, the ramp between shore and the dock was broken in two parts and could not be repaired on site. The ramp was removed and taken to Prince Rupert for repairs or replacement. It is unknown when the ramp will be put back in place. Therefore, be prepared to row ashore from the dock to get to the hot springs.

4 thoughts on “Bishop Bay Hot Spring, British Columbia Canada

  1. If you are able to anchor your boat overnight in Bishop’s Bay,
    take a few dives into the water.
    There is a bioluminescent organism that sparkles when the water is agitated, and you cause dazzling contrails of light from between splayed fingers as you stream through the water.


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