Fairmont Warm Waterfall and Fairmont Resort, British Columbia Canada

In March 2015, during a ski vacation to Kicking Horse Resort in British Columbia Canada, I was craving a soak in a natural hot spring. Luckily I had packed my trusty copy of “Hiking Hot Springs in the Pacific Northwest” by Evie Litton & Sally Jackson. If you are a natural hot spring aficionado that likes to venture to hot springs off-the-beaten-path, you should pick-up a copy… It is a great resource.

“at the base of the powerful waterfall is a large travertine pool over 3 feet deep and full of turquoise-blue water that is usually 90-95F/32-35C. Several smaller mineral-lined pools fan out below the main pool, forming a low terrace.
~an excerpt about Fairmont Warm Waterfall from Hiking Hot Springs

The walk down to the warm waterfall spring is an easy one.

Mom Walking to the Warm Waterfall
Mom Walking to the Warm Waterfall

Park near the Resort’s RV park, and follow the path that leads down the ravine next to the mineral-rich stream. After a few minutes, the path will bend to the right, and you will see a cliff made up of many layers of travertine with a  beautiful waterfall that pours from the top.

Fairmont Warm Waterfall
Look for the little foot bridge to help you cross the stream.

© Nicole Geils

The Hot Spring is a powerful place. The water pours off the hillside… some 1.5 million gallons a day. Fed by the outflow from the mineral rich springs of the resort above.

Fairmont Warm Waterfall

The invigorating energy of the waterfall more than makes up for its warmish temperature. Try to plan your trip here on a warm & sunny day. After dipping in all three pools… I found I liked the top pool the best. It has direct access to the waterfall, and was the deepest of the three pools.

Warm Waterfall

“There is a waterfall in every dream. Cool and crystal clear, it falls gently on the sleeper, cleansing the mind and soothing the soul.” Virginia Alison

Warm Fall Pool

Warm Pool Terrace

Warm Spring Pool

After soaking in the warm waterfall pool, it was time to check out the Fairmont Resort pools.

Fairmont Resort Entrance

Fairmont Resort has 3 large pools of varying temperatures… with 2 diving boards! There are large changing rooms with lockers to secure your belongings. The fees are reasonable, and the staff is very friendly. Though, I prefer the Warm Waterfall to the Resort.

Fairmont Resort

The drive along 95 is very scenic. You should take in a few touristy stops along the way, including the worlds largest paddle and a very unique mask house.


Worlds Largest Paddle

Worlds Largest Paddla

Worlds Largest Paddle

The wildlife is also very abundant. Elk, Mule Deer, and this Roadside Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep… I was about 16′ away from this beautiful guy.

Roadtrip Wildlife

We had to stop at Funtasia! It was not open yet… so we just made friends with the miniature donkeys and horses thru the fence.


After such a relaxing day… my legs were ready to hit the slopes of Kicking Horse Resort for some spring skiing!

Kicking Horse Resort

Here is the trek from Kicking Horse to Fairmont Warm Waterfall:


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