Lovely Deep-Pool Soak, Meadow Hot Pots, Fillmore Utah

© Nicole GeilsIn February 2015 I was on a ski trip at Snowbird Resort… I was inquiring about hot springs in the area and a friend told me to check out Meadow Hot Pots in Fillmore. After reading about it on, I knew I would have to take my husband on yet another hot springs hunt!

It is 148 miles to Fillmore, via I-15 South, and well worth the 2 hour drive. We quickly changed into our suites and headed for the springs edge. I opted to jump in feet first, just be cautious of the edge… it is very slippery in spots.


IMG_6059The locally coined “hot-pot” is 24 feet deep, crystal clear, with a nice soaking temperature of 100 f/38 c.

Meadow is truly a magical spot, and a nice reprieve for our legs after a fun few days skiing at Snowbird!

© Nicole Geils

The rope strung across the far end of the pot serves as a great place to perch and relax.


Please be respectful when visiting Meadow. Since the landowner is nice enough to leave it open for soakers, we do not want to loose those privileges due to trash and inappropriate behavior. Meadow is a relatively busy place to swim and soak. We happened to time it just right and got the place to ourselves for a time… but 2 families showed up near the end of our soak.

All in all Meadow did not disappoint! I will go there again and again when skiing Utah.

© Nicole Geils

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