Miracle Hot Springs – A unique geothermal oasis in Southern Idaho with RV camping… and Rose the alligator.

February 16 – 19, 2015: While on an epic roadtrip, my hubby Thom and I stopped over at Miracle Hot Springs in Southern Idaho. Just 1 hour 15 minutes from Boise, Miracle is like a little geothermal oasis complete with hot mineral baths and pools, massage therapy, camping domes, and RV park.

We pulled in with our little rPod and had the place to ourselves!

© Nicole Geils

There are ten RV sites located next to Salmon Falls Creek. Each space includes 30 amp electricity, water hook-ups, and fire pits at $20 per night. There are bathrooms for the campers located nearby, and showers in the main pool pavilion.

Once we set-up camp we headed up the hill for a soak! After paying the adult entrance fee of $10 you can come and go as you please from 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. Miracle is closed on Sundays.

© Nicole Geils

They have cubbies to stow your belongings.

Don’t forget your water. 

Hydration is key when soaking in any hot spring.

The water temperature at Miracle varies. There are 4 outdoor pools. The “grotto” near the entrance is the hottest. The coolest is the large play/lap pool, pictured below.

© Nicole Geils

I preferred to hang in these two pools:

© Nicole Geils

I found the temperature here the most pleasant. Best of all, there is a small, cold, plunge pool (pictured above in the far left corner) where you can cool off… or do restorative contrast hydrotherapy.

The water is chemical free and all 4 pools are drained and cleaned nightly.

Miracle has various private mineral bath options as well. There are 15 smaller private soaking pools, each with adjustable temperatures and changing rooms, available on a first come, first serve basis, and 6 larger VIP pools. I chose the VIP option.

© Nicole Geils

You can reserve them in advance; they have adjustable temperatures and a large changing lounge. I advise a romantic nighttime star-gazing soak in a VIP room.

© Nicole Geils

After every use, each private pool is drained, cleaned and refilled with fresh water.

At our campsite between soaks we enjoyed fires, roasted treats, hula-hooped with new friends, and relaxed next to the creek.

© Nicole Geils

Though it was February, warm sunny days prevailed during our time at Miracle.

© Nicole Geils

Taking a walk around the grounds we met Rosy the alligator and toured the large event dome. I inquired about renting the entire place for events, and while you can rent the RV Park and all of the domes, they will never close the pools to the general public.

© Nicole Geils

I have to say… prior to Miracle I was bias against any hot springs that were not completely natural, but I will come back again and again. It truly is a little oasis in the desert.

© Nicole Geils

For more info, click HERE to take you to the Miracle Hot Springs website.

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